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We can help you design eye-catching and informative visuals to accompany your website design, social media posts and online advertising. Images that will appeal to your target audience.

What is the last post you remember seeing on social media today?

There is a very high probability it was a post featuring an image, photo or video. Why? People are visual learners. Words take longer for the brain to process. Studies suggest we have only 8 seconds before something else catches our attention. That's less than a goldfish.

However, we are very good at remembering pictures. Three days after hearing a piece of information we will remember maybe 10%. Add a picture and we'll recall 65%. (According to

To grab your customers' attention in amongst the flood of social media posts and online adverts they see on a daily basis, we have to make sure that your content stands out and is remembered. This is where our Graphic Design skills can plays a big role.

Visual marketing does not just sell a product or service – it sells an experience around your business

8 seconds

The attention span of the average person

Visual content is 40× more likely to get shared on social media

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